rLinks URL Rotator

rLinks URL Rotator is your IM Secret Weapon!

  • Add your own variables to Target URL's, from Amazon tracking data to your Affiliate ID.
  • Split traffic from one source into any number of streams going to Any number of Target URL's!
  • Choose to send Repeat Visitors to a new Target URL or always to show Repeat Visitors the Same Target URL!
  • Capture 'long tail' traffic that comes in days, weeks, or Months after your promotion / test is over!

rLinks data is Confidential, Belongs To You, is tracked on your own server.
rLinks is Fast - incoming traffic is routed to Target URL's in as little as 2 / 1000 of a second.

Enhances dozens of Internet Marketing Strategies:
  • Split test promotions, squeeze pages, ANY VALID URL's
  • Randomly distribute promotional offers across a traffic stream
  • Create a Carousel of Different Offers from the Same Link
  • Send Traffic to one Target URL with Multiple Sets of Variables (for Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc. traffic monitoring)

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